Seminar TitleStrong Cosmic Censorship in charged black-hole spacetimes
SpeakerKyriakos Destounis
InstituteCENTRA, Portugal
PlaceHannover, AEI, Seminarraum 103
Start16.05.2019 13:15
The fate of Cauchy horizons, such as those found inside charged black holes,
is intrinsically connected to the decay of small perturbations exterior to the event horizon.
As such, the validity of the Strong Cosmic Censorship conjecture is tied to how effectively
the exterior damps fluctuations. By studying scalar and fermionic fields in the exterior of
Reissner-Nordstrom-de Sitter black holes we identify three families of quasinormal modes: one directly
linked to the photon sphere, another family whose existence and timescale is closely related
to the de Sitter horizon and, finally, a third family which dominates for near-extremally-charged
black holes. We give a detailed description of scalar and fermionic perturbations of such
black holes, and conjecture that Strong Cosmic Censorship is violated in the near-extremal regime.