Seminar TitleExtracting fundamental physics constraints from gravitational wave detections
SpeakerDr. Anuradha Samajdar
InstituteNikhef, Amsterdam
PlaceHannover, AEI, Seminarraum 103
Start07.02.2019 13:15
In this talk I will present (i) tests of general relativity based on binary black hole (BBH) signals and (ii) a study of systematic biases in estimating the tidal deformability of binary neutron star (BNS) systems.
(i) The analyses of the BBH gravitational wave (GW) data have provided a wealth of information about the sources. But, there is still the possibility that the detected signals arose from exotic, non standard scenario. We perform two tests to distinguish between BBH signals from general relativity and some of these alternatives. First, we investigate BBH post-merger signals and perform a morphology-independent search for echoes. Second, we test with a Bayesian approach the BBH nature of the observed GW events by measuring the parameterized deviations in the spin-induced quadrupole moment parameters.
(ii) The talk is concluded by an analysis of BNS sources and potential systematic biases during the extraction of tidal parameters. We find that for a signal with strength similar to GW170817, but observed with design sensitivity, the estimated tidal parameters might differ significantly depending on the employed waveform approximant.