Seminar TitlePulsars probe the low-frequency gravitational sky: Pulsar Timing Arrays
SpeakerDr. Caterina Tiburzi
InstituteAstron, Netherlands
PlaceHannover, AEI, Seminarraum 103
Start28.02.2019 13:15
The era of gravitational wave astronomy has been inaugurated by the numerous detections achieved by aLIGO, at frequencies from tens to thousands of Hertz. While gravitational wave events in the sub-Hertz window have not been detected yet, experiments as LISA and Pulsar Timing Arrays aim to cover such frequency ranges complementary to aLIGO, and to provide a consistent picture of the gravitational wave panorama. The basic concept of Pulsar Timing Arrays is to exploit the clock-like precision of a selected array of millisecond pulsars by searching for correlations among the pulse-arrival times induced by gravitational waves in the nano-Hertz regime. In this talk, I will review some fundamentals of Pulsar Timing Arrays, the present global collaborations and the state-of-the-art of the field.